A Unique Way To Generate Motivated Seller Leads

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We’re excited to have our guest Chris Arnold on the podcast and he shares with us how he builds teams, hires the right people and is able to create a continuous flow of motivated seller leads.

Having the right team in place is crucial especially if you want to focus on the things that can bring in more revenue. Chris shares how he has created great teams and how he finds the right people.

Another important step to creating a highly efficient sales machine is to always have a continuous flow of leads coming in. In this video he’ll share with us some tips on how he uses a tried and true method of finding motivated seller leads for his business.

Chris Arnold

Chris has started out as an agent, and transitioned to creating business systems to allow him to scale without having to be hands on. He is a genius at putting the right team members in place to be able to have a system to run even if he’s not there.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to build an incredible team.
  • How to build a sales system that can run even if you aren’t there to run it.
  • How to quickly be able to find motivated seller leads.

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