Creating Freedom With Real Estate

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Our guest has decades of experience with buy and holds, buying properties with zero credit checks, to purchasing real estate utilizing other people’s money. He truly has mastered real estate investing, and has taught thousands of people learn real estate.

Legend investor Lou Brown joins us to talk all about the many ways you can find success in real estate. From long term buy and holds, to purchasing homes subject to, he’ll dive into how his mind works and give you an inside look on how you can stay ahead as an investor.

Lou Brown

Lou Brown is a master that has spent decades honing his craft as an investor. He is a renowned writer, public speaker and coach that has mentored hundreds of thousands of students.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Using other people’s money to purchase properties.
  • Mastering buy and holds.
  • How to purchase properties with zero credit checks using subject to deals.

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