Costly Mistakes Every New Real Estate Investor Needs To Know

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Costly Mistakes To Avoid As A New Investor

New investors can make some costly mistakes, especially if you are in a market that is difficult to sell houses. Know how to properly evaluate your deals, and know what to look for. Some houses have a uniqueness, that don’t always compare to others, and it’s important to know how to evaluate true data and not the outcome that you think is in. your head.

Data doesn’t lie, and if you know how to properly analyze every home before you buy, it can make a huge difference. We look at the same home in a span of over a decade and it’s interesting to see how each time it’s listed.

Jim Manning & Ryan Wessels Of Three Doors

Today the founders of Three Doors have collectively helped grow a business that has done over 2000 deals. They strive to help other investors make a massive impact and help each other to learn and grow both as individuals and investors.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to analyze deals
  • Learn from our mistakes that we’ve made over the years
  • Plan ahead and know what properties are worth your time
  • Know the value of uniqueness

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