How Dave Does Over 30 deals per year & $200K In Revenue Like Clockwork

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How Dave Does Over $200K In Revenue Every Year

Mindset is a huge barrier that stops a lot of people before they even get started outside of going to a 9-5. They go with what is comfortable, and have a consistent paycheck. However you are limited by how many hours you work in a week, and the growth potential has a ceiling on it.

We’ll chat about what made Dave bust through the barrier and start looking at making money in a different way. He was open to the idea of possibility. And knowing that he joined a network, and invested in a proven education to grow his skillset as an investor.

Dave wanted to learn how to invest in real estate. He also wanted more freedom to make his own hours, and vacation more with his wife. Dave joined Three Doors as an investor, and started training to learn how to flip houses as an investor with the Three Doors Pro Membership Academy to educate himself on the power of how to invest in real estate.

Dave Stelmacki

David worked a corporate job for 10 years before becoming an investor. After becoming a real estate investor and years of investing, he has grown into an investor that consistently has been able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue every year investing in real estate. 

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to overcome your limitations.
  • How to change your mindset.
  • How to transition from a corporate 9-5 to making his own schedule.
  • Make your own goal, and realize how to achieve them.

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