How Gayle Went From New Investor To Over 60 Flips!

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Gayle talks us through her challenging start, and what lit the fire in herself to take on a mentor and start investing in real estate. She’ll walk us through her stressful situation and how she stepped outside her comfort zone to build her flipping business to doing over 60 flips to date. In this episode you’ll start to understand what it takes to build a high volume flipping business.

Gayle Hicks

Gayle is an experienced flipper. She had a challenging road to where she has gotten to today. She worked on her plumbing business and evolved into becoming a full time investor after taking on a mentor.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Being honest and transparent.
  • Be true to your word as an investor.
  • How to differentiate you from your competition.

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