How Kyle raises sales prices in neighborhoods

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How To Get Top Dollar On Your Flips

Learn how to evaluate deals and know when to buy and hold, or flip. Our guest Kyle has got an eye for flipping properties. He knows how to analyze the deals and evaluate the situations to get top dollar on his flips. 

He has crafted his own vision for his business, and has created a nice blend between buy and hold, and flipping houses.

Kyle Fernandez

Kyle is a successful investor who is a Pro Member at Three Doors. He has grown his business with a team of 30 agents from retail to investing homes. His passion is buying and flipping properties.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to build a big cash reserve.
  • Learn how to evaluate and analyze deals.
  • Focus on your reason why.
  • Design and optimize your business for your own goals.
  • Know when it’s smart to buy and or or to flip.
  • Know what deals are profitable, and know how to find more ways to increase profits on your flips.

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