How To Accelerate Your Growth At Lighting Speed!

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Today we’re having a chat with our director of sales Jack Mccarthy. Today we dive into a ton of fun stuff from cold calling, mastering sales, and how to accelerate your growth faster by surrounding yourself with the right people.

Jack Mccarthy

Jack grew up in with real estate in the family. From a young age, he’s had the idea that real estate is the pathway to a dream life. He got his agent license when he was 19 and is an absolute rockstar. From his dorm room to where he is today, he is a stellar agent and a wealth of knowledge.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to have massive focus when you get started.
  • How to make an action plan to get started.
  • Real estate is the pathway to financial success.
  • It’s ok to go the non traditional route.

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