From The Coveted 4 Hour Workweek, To The Life He Actually Liked

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Caleb started his journey working for his dad in construction, and bought his first home at 19. While working with his dad, he got his first investment house hacking rented out the home to a couple roommates. 

He then at 21 found a multi-family home as his first real investment. He talks us through that whole process with all the issues and struggles he had to make that investment work.

He then used that method to continue growing his properties, while working full and part time. When he was trying to buy and rent them out, his friend Brett helped him realize instead of swinging a hammer, he started flipping homes.

Caleb Davis

A very young and intelligent real estate expert that has worked his way up to owning over 50 real estate properties. He started in real estate at 19 buying a home and renting it out with a few of his friends. He’s worked to build his empire of over 50 real estate properties.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Should I buy and rent?
  • Show I work a full time job while flipping homes?
  • Renting vs Flipping homes
  • Struggles with flipping homes
  • Flipping home struggles
  • How to get out of trouble and debt
  • How to work out alternative funding for your deals

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