How To Build A Winning Sales Pipeline

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Mike Singletary has seen just about everything. In just a few years, him and his team did over 350 deals so they have been around the block quite a few times, and know plenty from their experiences as investors.

He’ll talk with us about how he ran a Homevestors franchise and how they were able to do hundreds of deals. We’ll chat about a few topics such as JV’ing on deals, wholetailing, to setting up the perfect sales pipeline to help you do more deals.

Mike Singletary

From running a Homevestors franchise, to being the CEO of two companies helping real estate investors grow their sales pipelines, Mike has proven to be a strong force in the real estate investing industry.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to build your system to accomplish hundreds of deals.
  • How to build out a winning sales pipeline.

Episode Resources

Check out Mike’s Skiptracing company Skipforce.

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