How To Close 2 Extra Deals Per Month Through Follow Up Systems

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Learn the ability to find your bottlenecks in your real estate deals, and be able to fix them quickly. Because if you don’t, they can cause even more issues. You’re only as good as your last hot lead unless you are following up.

You need a proven and repeatable process to handle your leads. The hope is to make a system that manages your leads so they are easier to focus on the top leads that will bring you revenue. Tomorrow’s money will come from followup.

You can then bring leads back to life from work you did months ago. Have a way to find your dead leads and be able to follow up with them. The easier it is to find, search, and notate your leads the more successful that you will be.

Josh Arras and Kevin Carroll From REI BlackBook

Josh is the Director of Marketing at REI BlackBook. Kevin Carroll is the Director of Sales of REI BlackBook that is a unique CRM for real estate investors.

They created a CRM helping real estate investors build predictable marketing systems in their business by leveraging the power of REI BlackBook and Marketing Automation.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to bring leads back from the dead.
  • Leave no lead unturned, you never know what will happen.
  • Follow up is key.
  • Optimize and systematize your leads.
  • Know how much revenue you need to scale.
  • Develop the systems you need based on your goals and team size.
  • Create a framework that you can tweak as needed.
  • What is an average deal worth to you.
  • Develop a roadmap for seller acquisition.
  • Growth doesn’t always mean more.
  • Be able to convert more leads into more deals.
  • Follow up is key.


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