How To Do Massive Amounts Of Deals With Low Overhead

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Our guest shows us how to do massive amounts of real estate deals while keeping a low overhead. He has developed a business model where he packages wholesale deals with turnkey home buyers. This has allowed him to create a massively successful business. He’ll also share some valuable lead generation and key fundamentals to help you be more successful in real estate.

Justin Van Riper

Justin is a real estate investor in the St. Louis area. He has created a business model that has allowed him to package wholesale deals with turnkey buyers and he has built a successful business doing so.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to build relationships.
  • How to properly package deals.
  • How to find the right deals and pair them with the right buyers.
  • Creating a system that works with a low overhead.
  • Key fundamentals to help you find success in real estate.

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