How To Land More Closings As An Agent

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Don’t let fear and excuses stop you from starting in real estate. Some of the biggest obstacles you put in front of you are simply fear of the unknown, taking on too much at once, and overwhelming yourself. Most agents fail because they don’t focus on the things that feed them more deals and opportunities to close. Instead they focus on things that deter them from growing and seeing success. This episode is dedicated to helping you avoid mistakes, how to start taking action on the RIGHT ways to grow and do more deals.

You’ll learn how to increase your deal flow to do more closings. The unknown is scary but don’t let it hinder you from taking action and doing your first deal. In this episode we’ll show you what it takes to get the ball rolling and the opportunities coming in.

Mathew Hemenway

Mathew is an agent with years of experience in real estate. He loves helping buyers and sellers get to the closing table and helping other agents realize the power of what real estate can do for your life.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Overcome excuses.
  • Stop letting fear overwhelm you.
  • Help you start taking action and reach your goals.

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