How To Negotiate Deals Like A Pro

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The Power Of Negotiating

The power of negotiation is an absolute must to have in your toolkit. You must always keep your head, overcome challenges, and learn to evaluate every situation.

Negotiating is a unique skill where you need to understand, listen, and evaluate what’s happening on the fly. When you listen to the situation, and evaluate how you can solve problems, you can open up the power of being able to negotiate.

You need to know how you interact with people, and what you say matters. You need to hold yourself accountable for your promised. Using the power of negotiating can open up great deals, and more doors that you would never believe.

Derek Dombeck

Derek is a good friend of Jim’s, and his level of mastery with negotiating is second to none. He has been through it all and has flipped a ton of properties.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Take Responsibility For Your Actions
  • Live Up To Your Promises
  • Learn To Evaluate Yourself & The Current Situation.
  • Be In Control.
  • Stop Blaming & Figure Out A Solution
  • How To Help Motivated Sellers
  • We’ll Dive Deep On How To Negotiate Properly.

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