How to Play the long game and delay gratification and wealth

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We’ll get to know Steve who has been in real estate for over 22 years primarily in buy and selling primary residences. He has been in the team environment as well as doing real estate investing himself.

He has dove into helping people build their real estate investing portfolio and helping them build their investing portfolio.

One of the strengths that we can have is see both sides of real estate as an agent and as an investor. It’s important to see both sides of the coin. In this episode we’ll break down how to delay gratification and ultimately lead your path to success.

Steve Kout

Steve is a #1 ranked team leader, coach, mentor and real estate investor. He knows how to play the long game and plan your success.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to play the long game
  • How to delay gratification and wealth
  • Plan your path for success

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