How To Save Your Deals

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Every real estate investor has to do find and finish deals to keep their business moving forward. Sadly some deals don’t go as planned, and can go sour, and we have to move past the challenge to salvage the deal.

Know your numbers and analyze your deals. Make sure to evaluate your deals to get as much information as possible. Sometime sellers aren’t transparent about certain things that you may find out at closing that they owe or there are tax liens. Don’t be afraid to get creative with ways to close the deal.

Ryan Wessels

Jim dubs Ryan Wessels as the companies deal genie. He is the master of the art of deal making and the Co-Founder of Three Doors. His knowledge in this business is incredible and has been my friend for years. 

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative
  • Take a step back and evaluate your options
  • Evaluate the numbers
  • Ask the seller for more details

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