How to Think Like a Rain Maker

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Today Jim sits in with two very high performing real estate ninjas. He picks their brains to see how to do more deals and think like a rain maker. In this episode we’ll show you how to think like a rain maker and optimize your systems to do more deals.

We break down how it’s a must if you want to become a pro is to hone in on one area and do one area of investing, and do it really well. That way you know your deals, you know your area, and you can build out systems to do more deals consistently and predictably.

Caleb Davis & Jason Courtney

Caleb and Jason are two of the highest performing people that Jim knows, and they are masters of making deals in real estate. Caleb is a director of sales with Three Doors. Jason heads up the finance division of Three Doors.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Learn to focus
  • Think of how you can give value to your network
  • Specialize in one area
  • Focus on one niche


The One Thing, by Gary Keller
The Go-Getter, by Peter Kyne

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