How To Thrive In A Crazy Real Estate Market

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Caleb and Jim break down this crazy current market. They will share their insights on how to win in a high interest environment. Over the years they’ve built an amazing team and have learned a lot of ways engineer your team hiringĀ  structures.

They guys will also show you how being in a back up position as the interest rates rise and how it can help you win more deals in this crazy market. From learning about back up deals, and thriving in this crazy market. We’ll break it all down and also show you how to screen potential hires to make sure your team is thriving as it grows.

Jim Manning & Caleb Davis

Jim & Caleb have learned from years of being agents and investors that they’ve seen some wild markets. They share some of the strategies they’ve utilized to build their thriving real estate company.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to win in a high interest market.
  • The strategies to win deals in a wild market.
  • Team building and hiring strategies.

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