Jim’s Rock Bottom Story

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How our Co-Founder started his journey in real estate. It definitely was not an easy start, and Jim’s success did not come without some struggles. What Jim loves to do is help people learn “what not to do” and instead, start with the things that will help you succeed right from the start.

Life really knocked Jim down 3 years into the investing game. He began hit to hit a groove and reinvested his profits back into his business. Ryan, his partner and himself had a lot of things to learn getting started, and they have had to learn from their mistakes, to try to dig out of debt, and had a complete breakdown, and ended up in the hospital. Listen to the story to hear about Jim’s inspiring story.

James Manning

Three Doors Co-Founder Jim Manning talks about his story behind the start of Three Doors. With over 500 deals last year Jim and his team and successfully been able to accomplish growing a team of real estate investors. They founded Three Doors in St. Louis to help grow a family of real estate investors. 

They are now starting a podcast to help others just like them start their journey investing in real estate properties and showing them how to learn the entire process.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Jim’s struggle when he started
  • Learn to get past your life struggles
  • Start doing and realize what you want in life
  • Set your goals
  • Implement your goals
  • Have your “Aha” moment
  • Dig your heels in and make it happen

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