What Does It Mean To Leverage Your Time?

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Today we learn how Andrew manages being a part-time real estate investor and part-time real estate agent all while having a full-time job. Knowing who to plug in to the next part of the process is a big part of leveraging your time.  

“You give part of your profit to these people, but it’s not scalable to try and do it all yourself.” 

Refining things to find the right process and getting the right people around you keeps the momentum going. By having people Andrew trusts to help get the job done, it allows him to do the things he wants to do, not just the things he has to do. 


Andrew Schoenberg

Andrew is a Three Doors Expansion agent who joined the investing world in 2015. In the past 6 years, he has built a portfolio of over 40 doors with the help of both his wife and his business partner. 

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Understanding when to leverage your time 
  • Finding your own unique genius zone
  • Being active and open to looking for deals 
  • Find your driving force
  • Find the path to ease

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