Mega Investor Bob walks us through his story and talks about his turnkey sales process

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Bob Talks Sales Processes & Turnkeys

We talk with Bob who learned to diversify by renovating houses and putting tenants in them. He quickly built up 30 rental properties.

Bob has mastered the art of making it rain deals, and real has dove into turnkey investing. He talks through how he got started investing in real estate and how he strategized how to grow his business.

Bob DeClue

Bob is a genius at sales processes and Turnkeys. He is a rainmaker and has generated an immense amount of deals. This guy is a master of doing deals and specializes in turnkey real estate investing.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How To Strategize Your Why.
  • Learn To Network To Grow.
  • How Turnkey Can Be A Great Way To Invest.
  • Plan Your Direction, & Laser Focus.

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