Scaling A Million Dollar Brokerage

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Jordan March runs a real estate team in New York focusing on luxury homes and has managed over 700 agents. He has been heavily involved in scaling a new brokerage to become a million dollar company. In this episode Jordan dives deep on what you need to know to take your agent knowledge to the next level.

Jordan March

Jordan is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and managing partner of the McPeak Team at Serhant in New York specializing in high end listings. He’s got 13 years of experience, and has achieved over $500M in sales. He has an amazing talent with digital media and managing agents and teams to quickly scale and produce results quickly.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Lessons from working with over 700 agents.
  • How he quickly scaled a new brokerage team.
  • How to create more powerful listings.

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