Shifting Your Mindset To Open More Doors

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Our guest explains how shifting his mindset allowed him to go from 4 doors to 50 doors in just under 2 years. Now he runs a property management company with over 220 doors and has learned to not let his fears drive his motivation. 

“Looking back on how it happened, I don’t really understand it but I just kept sprinting until we got to that point. It’s crazy how it unfolded and is still unfolding. Feels like were at a launching point now.” 


Adam Droege

Adam is an investor agent from the St. Louis area since 2012. From investing and flipping properties to creating a property management company, Adam has taken his background of sales with his experience and knowledge in real estate to bring the best value to help his clients. 

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Understanding your mindset
  • Getting through your breaking point 
  • Get involved and connected sooner 
  • Not letting your ego get in the way 

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