Strategic Business Planning with Bryan Leverrit

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Planning Out Your Real Estate Investing System

The key to success is creating systems that allow for growth. Your business plan is your meat and bones and is the basis for whether your business lasts throughout the years. The key is to focus on the things that bring you your revenue.

The keys to growing your business system is being able to create leads, following up on that lead, building relationships, and transaction management. There are 3 main pieces of successful real estate businesses; systems, technology, and their people.

The key is to keep your eye on these 3 pieces to make sure they are running on all cylinders. 

If you don’t have good systems in place you can struggle for years, because putting the wrong systems in place can work you into the ground. Correcting the leaks in your system can optimize your workflow and allow you to fix these areas and help you start moving forward with your real estate investing business.

Modeling is key to success, and understanding what works, and finding that success leaves clues. There are always people that are successful before us, and instead of reinventing the wheel we create a model of processes that we know always works.

Bryan Leverrit

Bryan is a master of business systems. He is a top 5% nation performer within real estate. He knows the best business practices to build your real estate system to consistently crank out deals and how to optimize your systems and the right things to have in place to build momentum as an investor.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to plan for success
  • Create a system that allows for more growth
  • Creating a team that can help you grow
  • These systems work for agents and investors

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