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Learn the 6 phrases to doing more deals. Every seller has a situation, and it’s important to understand all the details. Today we’ll show you how to diagnose symptoms and solve problems to close more real estate deals. Learn how to talk to sellers and to help solve their problems.

Today we have the King of Lease Options. He’s an expert of lease options and goes into the 6 phrases that hold people back, and help you move up to the next level of investing.

We’ll show you how to figure out what people really need and give them an actual  solution to their problem.

John Jackson

John is the king of lease options. He specializes in helping people find the fastest path to cash in real estate. You can find more about John on his website

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Don’t let limited beliefs stop you from moving forward.
  • Learn how to understand problems.
  • Listen and find a way to solve those problems.


Check out John’s Website:

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