Unlocking Your True Potential As A Real Estate Investor

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Laura has a fantastic deal flow, and has an exceptional skillset with wholesaling and flipping houses. She’ll walk us through what most wholesalers forget to do, and how she is able to stand out from others in her market. You’ll learn some key traitsĀ  you can utilize in your business, and strategies that will help you grow as a real estate investor.

Laura Lenington

Laura has been in real estate investing since 2014 and has flipped, wholesaled, and started her own rental portfolio. She loves helping people get deals done and is a wealth of knowledge.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • How to ask sellers the right questions.
  • Help sellers get where they want to be.
  • The cardinal sins of trying to get more wholesaling deals.
  • What most people forget when wholesaling houses.

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