Wholesaling Houses With Leverage

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Growing Your Investing Business With Wholesalers

Learn how to build your community as an investor to solve more problems and to grow your business as an investor. Today we talk about how to level up your business by learning to leverage wholesalers to land more deals. In this episode we talk about how to help sellers, and how to grow your investing network to do more deals.

Bryant Brooks

Bryant Brooks has worked with us as an acquisition manager here at Three Doors, and he has wholesaled quite a few deals, and great about knowing how to leverage opportunities as an investor.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Find someone that has the right answers.
  • How to take action.
  • Put the right pieces in place to grow.
  • Grow your investor network.
  • Utilize your skill set.
  • Get involved in a network or community of investors.

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