You Must Get These Things Right On Your Estimates

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When you are walking properties you cannot waste time obsessing over little details. You must be able to quickly analyze possible repairs with the house, and know if this is going to be profitable or something you should pass on. Learn to think on the fly to know what to ask questions on, and know what could possibly kill the deal.

Today we’ll chat more about property repair costs, and learn what to look out for when you are walking your potential properties. Matt will share some great examples of things to watch out for. You’ll learn the two most crucial things when you are prepping an offer.

Matt Hedstrom

Matt is a property investor, general contractor, and co-founder of the property repair estimator Rehab Estimator Pro.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Think like a contractor when walking properties.
  • Look for the major issues.
  • How to find red flags on properties.
  • How to not miss commonly missed repairs on your offers.

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