Building A Million Dollar Portfolio With No Money & Minimal Landlord Responsibilities

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How To Build A Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio With No Money

In this episode we’ll chat about how to build a million dollar real estate portfolio all with no money and having minimal landlord responsibilities.

We’ll talk about how Jason got started as a custom home builder, and transitioned into real estate investing. He has been able to master the art of making deals where he mastered sales and closing the deal. 

We’ll share how Jason build a million dollar portfolio without using his own money. He’ll talk about how to creatively finance your deals without having to use your own money on your deals.

Jason Courtney

Jason is a deal maker specializing in the art of mastering deals. He has built a million dollar real estate portfolio without using his own money.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Basics of creative financing.
  • How to close deals without using your own funds.
  • How to organize your negotiations.
  • Know your options for financing your deals.

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