How to properly manage your properties with landlord coach Mark

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How To Manage Your Rentals

Knowing how to optimize your vision on what you want to do as a real estate investor is crucial. Our friend Mark Dolfini knows how to optimize a rental property business. He has grown a successful rental property portfolio, and coaches people on how to build a business with single family rental properties.

Mark will break down his entire process of how he got started and break down his system to manage the complexity of managing rental property investing.

Mark Dolfini

Mark has mastered the art of rentals, and built a system that allows him to manage all his rental properties. He knows to leverage to optimize his workflow, and is a master of finding ways to coach people on how to improve their investing business.

What You’ll Learn In The Podcast:

  • Your Time Is Valuable.
  • Know What You’re Good At.
  • Know When To Say No.
  • Know How To Leverage Your Time And Money.
  • Place Value On Your Time.

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